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Mememoremee  (2023)

An AI-generated dance experiment at Amherst, MA on April 2023

A dance-theater piece situated at the cutting edge of machine learning and art, mememormee uses choreography derived from AI models trained exclusively on the movements of lead choreographer, the particle physicist and AI researcher Dr. Mariel Pettee. Titled after a James Joyce quote that blends “memory” and “remember me,” 

mememormee proposes a sustainable version of AI-- one that deepens and multiplies authentic connections between you and your body, your community and your natural environment.


Choreography & concept by Mariel Pettee, in collaboration with the dancers: Ben Goosman, Kassie Kolbeck, Jessi Stegall, Iris Platt, Kellyn Thornburg, and Ilya Vidrin

Original Music: Jaren Feeley

Dramaturgy: Ilya Vidrin

Sound Design: Alex Hawthorn

Videography: Travis Coe


AI-generated choreography was created using custom-built models trained exclusively on Mariel's own movements. More info:

Sponsored by the Amherst College Theater & Dance Department & the AI in the Liberal Arts Initiative

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