Ethics Consultant

Feath3r Theory Company(2021)

In the spring of 2021, I supported New York-based choreographer, Raja Feather Kelly, in the development of The KillOne Race. The production premiers online on June 4th.

Filmed at and presented by @PHNYC during the pandemic, The KILL ONE Race, and inspired by  the1963 dystopian novel Kill One by Leslie Louis is a reality competition game-play created by Raja Feather Kelly and his dance-theatre-media company the feath3r theory. 7 strangers have escaped their ordinary lives to an undisclosed village. And they have one thing in common. They are all here to compete against each other to win a vote… and to die. But to die is not grim as you would imagine it, in this world, to die is to transcend to The Empire; The Empire is your Utopia. The only thing standing in their way… is each other.  To reach this desirable utopic world that we call The Empire, they must compete in a social and ethical obstacle course for 7 days.  At the end of the 7 days, they must vote for one winner. This winner will DIE! In a world already divided by fear, politics, race, class, and gender, how will these 7 strangers come together or will they fall apart? Who is good?  Who is bad? And in an effort to make it to the finish line, Who is good enough to Die?  


Brian Brooks Moving Company (2021)

In the spring of 2021, I am supporting New York-based choreographer, Brian Brooks, in the development of new works, Flight Study and Viewpoint. The works will premier at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival July 2021.

Dramaturg + Intimacy Director
Sensitive Guys (2021)
Directed by Samantha Boehm and performed by students at Northeastern University, Sensitive Guys (MJ Kaufman) is a comedy where two student-led support groups work to confront and eradicate toxic masculinity and sexual violence on a small liberal arts college campus. With this comes challenges within and outside the two groups as allegations surface and each is faced with the realities of gender identity and influences of power.
Movement Direction
As You Like It (2021)
Directed by Melinda Lopez and performed by students at Northeastern University, AS YOU LIKE IT is one of Shakespeare’s most popular and most accessible comedies: a play about love, identity, and becoming your true self. The play addresses gender identity, gender expression, sexuality on a spectrum, and many aspects of human desire.


Men And Their Machines (2018)

A contemporary opera with music by Mark Warhol and words by James Swindell. The production supported in part through a residency at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cast featured Anna Ward (soprano), dancers Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson, and dramaturg.