2021 -2022 Events

June 9-12: Performance Philosophy Biennial (Helsinki, Finland) 

March 4-5: North Atlantic Ballet 1:2 Program

January 10-13: L.A. Contemporary Dance Company Choreography Lab 

November 11-21: The Bacchae (Movement Direction, Northeastern University)

November 1-14: "OtherWise"- Boston Center for the Arts Residency

October: Considered Care / Boston Ballet Partnership

September 13-26: Ballet Des Moines Choreographic Residency

July 15-21: Brian Brooks @ Jacob's Pillow

June 3-4: Responsive Bodies workshop presentation (Berlin, Germany)

June: KillOne Race (Raja Feather Kelly / Feath3r Theory)

April 14-24: As U Like It Live Stream (Movement Direction, Northeastern University)

March 5-7: Sensitive Guys Live Stream (Dramaturg, Northeastern University)

February: (Not) Dancing on My Own remote workshops (New Museum, NYC) 


January 21st: Pattern Recognition Colloquium (Northeastern University)


Past Events (2020)

November 9th, 12pm: Feeling in Pieces (Conversation at NU Center for the Arts) 

October: Creative Residency at Windhover Performing Arts Center

September 9-11: Conference on Computational Creativity 

August 22: Christopher Jones Shoot

July 27-31: Guest Teaching (Boston Ballet Summer Intensive)

May 28-30: International Association of Medicine and Music

May 21: Embodied Rhetoric Workshop, (Rhetoric Society of America Conference)

April 23rd: Attunement: That Which Cannot Be Measured (New Museum, NY)

April 17-18: Guest Performance (Providence Dance Festival)

March 21st: Gallery Performance (Boston Sculptor's Gallery)

March 6-7: Choreotech Tech Conference (Brown University)

February 25th: Partnering Masterclass (Temple Israel, Boston)

February 7th: National Choreography Month Performance (Cambridge, MA)

January 13-17: Centre for Dance Research (United Kingdom)

Past Events (2019)

December 15th: Partnering Masterclass at Dance Republic (Wellesley, MA)

October 25th: Dance + Empathy (American Academy of Arts and Sciences)

September 20th: Partnering Lab @ Harvard ArtLab Opening (Harvard University)

August 19th: Open Expedition @ Spectacle Island (Reciprocity Collaborative)

July 23rd-28th: Partnering Lab Residency (Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival)

June 30th: Keynote Speaker, XSection Film Festival 

June 17th-21st: The Cambrians Summer Intensive (Chicago, IL)

June 8th: (Re)Patterning Performance (Center for Performance Research, NY)

May 21st: Reciprocity Collaborative (Old North Church, Boston)

April 12th: Hope in Exile (Reciprocity Collaborative @ Temple Israel, Boston)

February 22-23: Choreotech Conference (Brown University)

January 31st: Partnering and Rhetoric Lecture (Temple Israel, Boston)

January 15th-20th: Centre for Dance Research (United Kingdom)

Past Events (2018)


January: Centre for Dance Research (United Kingdom)

February 5th: Movement Therapies and the Ethics of Care Talk (Boston University)

March 4th: EVOCATIONS with Reciprocity Collaborative (A R E A) 

March: Partnering and Technology Residency (Jacob's Pillow)

April 21st: SIMULACRUM with Reciprocity Collaborative (A R E A) 

April 22nd: Cambridge Science Festival (EMW Street Bio)

April 29th: Boston Art Week Workshop with (Black Sheep Ensemble)

May 5: Endicott Dance Ensemble Premier of "Here, Boy" Suite

May 24th: TRANSPARENT? with Reciprocity Collaborative (AREA)

June 18-22: Guest Faculty, Cambrians Summer intensive (Chicago)

July 20th: Pillow Talk (Jacob's Pillow)

July 29th: Movement Is Conference Presentation (Harvard Medical School)

August: Dramaturgy for Doppelgänger Dance Collective

September 29th: Power of Story Conference (Harvard Medical School)

October 5th: Dance for Parkinson's Workshop (Mark Morris, New York City)

October 13th: TEDx Providence

October 13th: MIT Hacking Arts (MIT Media Lab) 

October 26-28: Philosophy and Dance Workshop (Bern, Switzerland)

November 2-4: Dance Gallery Festival (Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, NYC)

November 15: Wendy Whelan and Brian Brooks Partnering Panel (Harvard University)

November 30-December 2nd: Choreographing Sound Symposium (Berlin, Germany)

2022 Artist Partnerships


Choreography Lab - LACDC

Choreography - North Atlantic Ballet

2021 Artistic Partnerships

Choreography - Morningsiders

Choreography - Ballet Des Moines

Boston Center for the Arts Residency

Ethics Consulting - Feath3r Theory

Dramaturgy - Brian Brooks Moving Company

2020 Artistic Residencies

Windhover Performing Arts Center

Harvard ArtLab

New Museum (NYC)

2019 Artistic Residencies


Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

National Parks of Boston Creative Residency

The Walnut Hill School: Artist-in-Residence