Ilya Vidrin and My'kal Stromile

Considered Care is an interdisciplinary project supported by Northeastern's College of Art, Media, and Design Seed Grant. The project was born out of conversations with Professor Ari Waldman, in which we considered how care is (or is not) embodied, expressed, and integrated in the law. 

Conflicts of care arise in value systems that are taught and learned, implicitly and explicitly. Philosophies of care question distinctions in dispositions of relating to, with, about, and for others, particularly in how care is manifest through action. 

Artistic approaches to care branch in multiple directions, one being critical engagement through creative disruption, focused on unsettling and overthrowing status quo, while another is more integrative, focused on fostering relationships and building community


Moving from theory to creative practice, Considered Care is a filmed duet between myself and Boston Ballet artist My'kal Stromile. Filmed by cinematographer Sue Murad, the work explores embodied tensions — namely, what is stipulated by the law and norms and the physical textures of how care is actually practiced. 

Considered Care Cambre.jpeg