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My teaching philosophy centers on ethics of care. I believe in supporting students through attentive sensitivity rather than impartial distance. Often this means getting to know students as individuals—something research shows improves learning outcomes—and to see them developing their embodied reasoning skills over time. I firmly believe that the purpose of education is to cultivate dialogic critical thinking, stimulate experiential understanding of the world, and foster engaged citizenship.


I structure my lessons and courses in a way that allows students to practice self-directed learning, identify and reckon with the interplay of individual and communal values, and experience the non-linear and winding joys and challenges of collaboration. Over the last eight years, I have developed and taught courses, seminars, and workshops at Harvard University, Northeastern, Jacob's Pillow, Laban Conservatoire, Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, Boston Ballet Summer Intensive. My offerings include:

Dance and Movement:

Introduction to Improvisation 

Survey of Somatic Practices

Contemporary Latin/Ballroom

Introduction to Partnering

Advanced Partnering

Social Dance History and Practice

Fusion Dance

Dance History and Performance

Dramaturgical Inquiry

Dance on Camera

Contemporary Dance Lab

Philosophy + Communication

The Eloquent Presenter (public speaking)

Ethics in Creativity

Topics in Communication Strategies (Graduate Level)

Embodied Ethics

Bodily Rhetorics

Body as a Source of Knowledge

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