Recent Presentations
Attunement: Or That Which Cannot Be Measured. by Harvard ArtLab and New Museum (NYC) -- postponed. 
Invited Speaker "Dance and Empathy", Branches of the Same Tree Symposium. American Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 25th, 2019.  
The Art and Science of Partnering. Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, July 22-28, 2019.
“Care, Dialogue, and Wearable Tech”. (Re)Patterning Performance, Center for Performance Research, June 7-9, 2019 (New York City). 
"Wearables and Partnering". Conference for Research in Choreographic Interfaces (Brown University), February 22, 2019.
TEDx Providence, October 13, 2018. 
Selected Press
"5 Scientific Steps That Will Make You a Better Dancer". Mental Floss (2019). 
"The Ethics of Dancing". Albany Union Times (2019)
"Sliding Across the MFA Floors". Music Intelligencer (2017).