Ilya Vidrin is a research-practitioner situated at the nexus of performing arts, ethics, and interactive media. Born into a refugee family, he has been devoted to understanding and unpacking the complex ethics of human interaction. Drawing on his backgrounds in dance, neuroscience, and communication theory, Ilya's work centers on promoting embodied practices of empathy, cultural competence, and social responsibility. 


Ilya is an Associate of the Signet Society for the Arts at Harvard, and a professional member of the Rhetoric Society of America, Association for Moral Education, and the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, among others. He is a recipient of the Erasmus Fellowship, Derek Bok Fellowship in Media, Visualization, and Literacy (Harvard University), and the Byron Fellowship, and has been artist-in-residence at AREA Gallery, Jacob's Pillow, the National Parks Service, Harvard ArtLab, The Walnut Hill School, Interlochen Arts Academy, and the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston).

In recent years, Ilya has collaborated with a diverse range of creative professionals across media, including award-winning Japanese Butoh dancers Mutsumi Neiro, Belarussian violinist Daniel Kurganov, Argentinian choreographer Valeria Solomonoff. He has also worked with The Royal Swedish Ballet, Berlin Staatsballett, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, The Cambrians, the MIT Media Lab, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, as well as dance artists including William Forsythe, Brian Brooks, and Wendy Whelan. 

Ilya began his formal dance training at the Boston Ballet School at the age of nine, and has invested time in the study of music (piano&clarinet), as well as Latin/Ballroom, Argentinian Tango, Horton Modern Technique, and contact improvisation.  He holds teaching certifications in experiential anatomy based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation with Irene Dowd, Mat Pilates, and Restorative Yoga. Vidrin is the founder and director of the Partnering Lab and the arts-based nonprofit organization, Reciprocity Collaborative..

Alongside his artistic practice, Ilya pursued undergraduate studies in Cognitive Neuroscience and Rhetorical Theory at Northeastern University. He completed intensive clinical research training in the Neurology Department at Beth Israel Medical Deaconess Center. For three years, he conducted research on non-pharmacological therapies for cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders. He went on graduate school at Harvard University, earning a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Human Development and Psychology. At Harvard, he worked on experimental research projects investigating cognitive models of creative practice and empathy, including biofeedback technology, Therapeutically Active Digital Medicine, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and Somatic Enrichment. Focusing deeper on ethics in creative practice, Ilya completed a practice-based PhD funded by the Centre for Dance Research in the United Kingdom under Sarah Whatley and Scott Delahunta.

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