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Of Gravity and Light is an evening-length contemporary ballet created for Ballet Des Moines conceived by composer Beau Kenyon. The work explores the relationship between  ethics (care, empathy, trust, etc.) and astrophysical principles (lunar phasing, planetary motion, Newton's Laws, Kepler's Laws, etc.). I supported Artistic Director Tom Mattingly and Beau dramaturgically for this work, which premiered at the Civic Center in Des Moines in April 2022. 

As a choreographer-in-residence with the company in September 2021, I created "Eclipse" (open rehearsal footage on the left). Beau spearheaded the creation of a companion curriculum for middle school students in those same astrophysical concepts through the language of movement and music. The performance and curriculum was shared in partnership with 4H STEM, WGBH, and Iowa PBS. 

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