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Empress Archer is an international project featuring dancers Ariel Freedman, an Israeli citizen who lives in Tel Aviv and freelances globally (previous work includes: Batsheva dance company, Kidd Pivot, motley dance, and keigwin + company), and Meredith Webster, a San Francisco based dancer (previous work includes: spectrum dance theatre and Alonzo King Lines Ballet). Empress Archer involves numerous movement generators from around the world who created work with Freedman and Webster, which was then remixed in classic Cambrians fashion by founder and creative director Benjamin Wardell.

The project was created dance through residencies in Vermont, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Montreal. In each residency, a handful of choreographers and movement experts worked with Ariel and Meredith on the creation of duets or intensive training in various dance forms. In January 2017, Ariel and Meredith came to Chicago to mix all this dance into a final performance, which premiered in February 2017.


The Source Material Generators for Empress Archer were Roy AssafChristian BurnsCharlotte Griffin, David Harvey, Magdalena JarkowiecLedohMelinda Jean MyersOhad NaharinElla RothschildIlya VidrinZack Winokur, and Aviv Abeba Yossef.

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