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AREA Gallery (Boston)
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Featuring the visual artwork of Greg Lookerse, the EVOCATIONS exhibit at AREA Gallery highlighted four large works of folded paper inspired by the sublime architecture of worship (e.g. temples, mosques, cathedrals). Lookerse noted his reverence to form, citing Bach as a reference point for considering the exaltation of line, shape, and structure. ​As a multi-modal work weaving dance and music together, EVOCATIONS begins with a question of appropriation.

The intricate geometry of Lookerse's work served as a score by which to respond through movement and sound. I turned to Johannes Brahms, who was similarly inspired by the architectural and geometric work of Bach. The opening phrase of the Brahms Clarinet Trio provided the pitch content for the modified score, with instrumentation for two clarinets, cello, and a beatboxer.


I invited each musician to consider the score, deconstructing the piece and generating ideas through guiding questions centered around the ritualistic dimensions of gesture and expression.​ Together with the musicians, three dancers responded to the visual artwork, "reading" the geometric lines and curves to inform sonic and physical gesture.

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