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IMPACT explores micro-aggression and the ethical underpinnings of relational movement. The piece was born out of research on partnering, and was premiered as a work-in-progress at the Jacob's Pillow Lab "In-Process Series" in March 2018. Feedback within the process is collaborative, focused on making sense of the experience of physical partnering. Our process began with a philosophical problem, investigating the smallest physical unit of ethics. To understand the role of actions on a smaller scale, such as the ones we face in everyday life. Our practice was informed by different dance forms, including Latin/Ballroom (Dancesport), Contact Improvisation, Argentinian Tango, and Classical and Contemporary Ballet.

Dancers: Ilya Vidrin, Angela Falk, Iris Platt

Technologist: Peter Martel

Dramaturge/Rehearsal Director: Valeria Solomonoff

Lighting: Harrison Pearse Burke

Cinematography: Sue Murad

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