Tikkun  (2022)

Tikkun is a choreographic response to a deconstructed arrangement of Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony (Resurrection). The evening-length production was created as part of the artistic residency "Everything You Do Matters, No Matter What You Do" at the New Museum (NYC). Tikkun is an Aramaic word meaning "betterment" or "repair", typically referenced within the biblical phrase "Tikkun Olam" [repairing the world]. This work draws on questions of duty, agency, and consent. Together, six performers manipulate gestural loops and layers to explore an emergent logic of care through shared movement. Symphonic fragments, paired with controlled, modular experiments, provide opportunities for mutual listening and co-creative responses. Creative collaborators include Eric Seligman (trumpet, vocals, electronics), Mel Hsu (cello, vocals, electronics), and movement artists Jessi Stegall, Cameron Surh, and Niki Farahani.